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It’s pretty easy to start your own dating blog or relationships website. You only need to have basic computer skills and you’ll soon be home with an inspiring dating and relationships blog. Basically if you’ve been able to open an email or a Facebook account, then starting your blog doesn’t have to be difficult. Let’s get down to what you need before you can begin to setup your new dating and relationship blog.

What You Need to Know

To set up your new dating blog, you’ve got to secure a domain name and a hosting service.

Domain Name – Your domain name is the unique name that you register as your online business name. My domain name in this case as you can see above is Yours will be http://www.YOURBLOGNAME.COM. You ideally choose the name of your choice.

Hosting service – For your domain name to be live online, it needs a home. Ideally, this is where all your information is stored – a service that is offered by a website hosting company. There are thousands of them out there but you’ve got to choose your host wisely.

Choosing a Trusted Hosting Service

Bluehost web hosting is one renowned company that you can’t go wrong with. The US-based hosting company registers over 20,000 domains every month. If you are in search of quality hosting service and up to-the-minute customer care, then this would be the best bet to have your dating blog registered and hosted. The experienced staff will guide you on step by step on registering and hosting your domain.

Get a Free Domain for your dating blog or relationship blog.

Without any hidden cost, bluehost guarantees you a one year free domain registration when you sign up and purchase their hosting service. And signing up doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Starting from only $6.95/month you’ll get your free domain, unlimited space, free setup and a lot more. – Take the advantage of this great offer and Get a Free Domain From Bluehost

Once you get your domain and hosting service, I’d recommend that you install WordPress to run your blog. Of course there are other website platforms such as Joomla and Typead but WordPress is unmatched and no doubt the easiest when it comes to managing your blog.

Video on Installing WordPress on your Bluehost Account

This 3 minute video is a great tutorial on how to install WordPress on your dating blog. You don’t have to worry though. If you need any help you can just drop a mail and their 24/7 customer support will be more than happy to assist you.

Follow the link below (banner) to sign up with Bluehost now.



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