World’s Most Preferred Wedding Locations

As this season comes live with weddings, many people are out shopping for the most romantic wedding locations or honeymoon destinations around the world. Whether you fancy in arranging your wedding abroad or in one of those romantic locations at home, we have tried to help you by compiling a list of some of those awe-inspiring locations that many will definitely find appealing.

Wedding at Palmilla Resort, Los Cabos, in Mexico

If you want to celebrate your wedding at a place popularly described as a “little heaven on earth”, then you’ve got to pay some close attention to what Palmilla resort has offer. Notably beautiful is the white washed chapel which has now become symbolic with weddings, making Palmilla resort one of the most desired wedding locations. The packages at Palmilla are awesome being topped with a hotel’s horse-drawn service to ferry the new couple to the exquisite white washed chapel. But it’s Palmilla resort’s 172 rooms that appease the guests, making them desire to be there over and over again – especially to enjoy the picturesque view of the surrounding beauty.

Wedding at Shamwari Game Reserve, South Africa

For those who are obsessed with celebrating their weddings abroad, especially those who wish to enjoy the best of the wild Africa, there is a great way to achieve just that. For that’s what Shamwari game reserve offers to her guests. At the depth of the bush, in the romantic wild, you can declare your marriage vows to the one you love. A wedding under a tree at a romantic location is something you don’t want to miss. More so you’ll have an unusual game ride both to the wedding venue and back to the reception. And this is not just a reception at a common restaurant. We are talking of a reception or dinner at an artfully reed-thatched boma (enclosure), at the same time having the best view of the splendid African sky.

Wedding at Ice Hotel, Quebec

There are only two ice hotels in the world and Ice hotel Quebec is one of them. New couples in search of exceptional wedding locations find their solace here. But there are many tourists from all over the world as well, flocking the location to enjoy the hotel’s amazing beauty. The classy hotel can accommodate 84 guests in its 34 stylish rooms.

Wedding at Ferris Wheel, Vienna.

With a rich history dated back from 1897, Ferris wheel has been a favorite for many world-famous weddings. Its world-class standards are sought from far and wide, being also Vienna’s most beautiful landmark. But it’s the schedules for weddings at Ferris wheel that stun many, as the place has its doors wide open for weddings any day from Monday to Saturday. Wedding occasions on Weekdays are slotted between 4pm to 6pm with those preferring to wed on Saturday being scheduled for 10:00 am, noon or at 2:00pm

A wedding at LA Preghiera, Umbra

If indeed you are out for a classy wedding, you’ve got to try this luxurious location at the Umbrian countryside. Its exclusive offers and the picturesque landscaped gardens are some of the most appealing factors for many new couples. But there are some things you cannot fail to notice – the classy private chapel and the quixotic rooms that thrill many new couples. The elegant rooms can house up to 22 guests.


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