Why You Should Tell Boyfriend, Girlfriend You Have a Child

We all have things we feel they ought to remain sealed as top secrets. And there are things that ache like fresh wounds when they are brought to the public domain. While it’s important to keep top  secrets to yourself or top confidants, you should never keep your boyfriend or girlfriend in the dark that you have a child out of wedlock, just because you badly want to be married to them.

Whether the child lives with your mom or with foster parents you should let your guy know in good time so that he can make an informed decision. Don’t try to hoodwink him because you are likely to be disappointed when he realizes that you have been trying trick him. Guys like honest women. And there are guys who like women who have kids. So you don’t have to feel like an outcast. In stead, look for a moment to share it out and you’ll save your relationship. Waiting until you have the ring on your finger will not augur so well with your boyfriend.

Likewise wise guys should not keep their girlfriends in the dark if they have sired children before marriage. If you want to earn trust to your girlfriend now and retain it in marriage you need to share those deep secrets you may have kept to yourself for long, especially if you have a child who may soon come around looking for the dad.

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