Why Most Women Love Taller Guys

Almost all women are concerned about the ideal sizes of guys they’d want to date. And many prefer tall to short guys. While there is little one can do to his or her size, a lot can be done on the attitude towards the same. But first, let’s see some of the things that make most women to fall in love with taller men.


Tall guys have a natural advantage to easily exude confidence. And women like to associate with guys who can display a sense of direction.They feel secure in the presence of guys who can lead the way without fumbling with indecision.


One of my long time friend hosted her buddies, most of them guys. I was there. When the other guys had left, I heard her mom whisper to her ear, “Which one of those guys are you dating?, “I hope it’s not the short one who sat there…” She said, pointing at the seat where the short guy had sat. I could argue that the short guy was easily noticed. But the presence was not in the affirmative. He may have been noticed but his presence was unregistered, or we should say was ignored.


One of the top things women want to be assured is their security. They want all forms of security, from financial security to emotional security. As a woman looks up to kiss a taller spouse and then rest with a hug at his chest, with the hubby’s head above hers, she feels possessed by a figure of ultimate security.

While short guys have been said to be insecure, short tempered, or rude as a way of trying to gain presence, there is nothing one can do to change his size. But one can change his or her attitude. Whatever tall men can do, short men can do too. And if women can change their attitude and begin to appreciate them, they will definitely behave taller.

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