Why marriage is a good source of Mental Health, Physical health and Long Life.

According to a survey published by BMJ, David and John Gallacher from Cardiff University, Women in committed relationships live longer and have better mental health, while men in committed relationships have better physical health.

While the experts also agree that not all relationships are beds of roses and that many unfulfilled relationships are associated with depressive symptoms, they conclude that seeking to be in a relationship is worth making the effort.

Now we know that living in healthy relationships rewards the partners with long, healthy lives. There are wonderful insights to help rekindle the fire of love and build intimacy for relationship flames to stay aglow – hoping this also increases our lives.

True love seeks to complement each other instead of finding his or her faults.

By supporting each other a couple forms synergies of life, unbeatable by any outside forces.

By developing great communication skills and keeping talking good things even when you are out of mood.

By being keen on each other’s interests and placing yours second – a good way to promote companionship.

By having conflict resolution mechanisms, even if it means having radical principles like, “no one should sleep in separate rooms”, or, “no going to bed with unresolved issues”.

By knowing that it’s only when each partner gives 100% of love he or she can expect the same.

By not using sex as bargaining power but as a peak to celebrate the existing friendship.

By knowing that the green grass on the other side has a selfless gardener and that the secret lies within each one of them to grow, tend and water their own.

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