Why Marital Counseling is Important and how to tell it’s Time to go for it.

Life in marriage is like a long journey to the land of promise – aka the bliss. Some relationships get there earlier and easier than others. And getting there can sometimes prove to be tricky, lonely and frustrating. Many get there the hard way. That’s why marriage counseling for every couple becomes a necessity. Here are some of the top reasons why marital counseling is important and when to know that it’s time to contact a relationship counselor.

Poor communication

Quality communication is inevitable in any relationship and there can’t be any achievement without constant communication. Living together involves a lot of planning towards the couple’s laid down goals which can only be realized in the presence of good communication skills. If your communication has stalled and any effort by either or both of you to iron out issues leads to arguments or quarrels then it’s time to see a relationship counselor.


A Couple agrees to get into a relationship because each partner needs the other. It’s therefore naturally expected that your partner should know where you are and if there is a good cause to be away from home and how long it’s going to take when you are away. If one partner disappears for a couple of days without any good explanation and resurfaces after some time without a convincing reason on where he or she was, then it may be a high time you sought marital counseling. If you can’t pay the services of a professional relationship counselor, you can always talk to your local religious leader.

Alcohol, substance abuse or depression

You may need to see a relationship therapist if one or both of you can’t bear the effects of relationship problems and yields to drugs, excessive use of alcohol or suffers depression. Many people tend to look for short fixes whenever there is a problem in their relationships. Resorting to illusive momentary feelings that such substances can offer might will end up worsening the situation. At such a point it’s prudent to seek competent marital counseling services.

One or both partners act vengefully

Harbored resentment is one thing that may end up worsening a relationship. If one or both partners are intolerant and begins to act vengefully it may be the right time to see a relationship counselor. If you can agree on a certain therapist then this can make things work even easier for you.

Deteriorating companionship

When you find that your companionship is deteriorating and as a couple your staying together becomes a partnership of house mates instead of team mates then you’ve got to see a marriage therapist. On the other hand if as parents, you can’t agree on how to discipline your kids or when either of you defends children’s indiscipline.

Bedroom Matters

If there are sexual problems that lead to denied sex, forced sex or a sexual dissatisfaction that causes persistent frustrations. Unfaithfulness or engaging in extra-marital affairs is another thing that should forewarn you that your relationship requires urgent need for marital counseling.


The other reasons that you may need to seek marital counseling is if one partner becomes abusive or shows traits of aggression or in the event that one loses his or her job and is disturbed by being financially unstable.

Lastly if both of you as a couple find the need and agree to seek marital counseling.

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