Why Giving a Gift Speaks Louder than Many Fine Words

It has been said, and I’ll say it again here, that it’s not easy to describe love. Many philosophers including the infamous biblical genius, apostle Paul, have found it easy to explain what love is by first defining what it is not. You may have your own description of love and I am not out to challenge your views, but I’m under strong persuasions that love can never be present in the absence of giving.
I remember an incident that took place many years ago during my early childhood. A fellow student whispered to one little beautiful girl, “Please Jenny, lend me your pen and I promise I’ll marry you”. We all noticed an outburst as the innocent girl started to cry bitterly. Alarmed by the sobs of the already hysterical girl, the teacher speedily came to find what the drama was all about. “He is asking for my pen and says that he will … he will – marry me…” She fumbled amidst sobs as the female teacher dragged out the ‘naughty boy’ for punishment.
Of course the young boy was not going to marry at that age. But I think the girl cried because of the boy’s selfish statement. “Lend me your pen and I’ll marry you as well” Don’t you think that was too selfish of him? Asking for two things and pretending to be giving all? I think she would have smiled if he said, “Have you got any pen? Have mine … and when I grow up, I’d want to marry you.
Apparently, there are many people in relationships who are acting like the little kids in this analogy. They are always saying to the spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend, “I love you” but it sounds more or less like some kind of cold weather greetings.
Life has a lot of opportunities for us to show gratitude to our loved ones. And we don’t have to wait for the Valentine day or the Christmas season to give choice gifts to the ones we love, though it’s awesome to give a cute gift on such occasions. But we can do it all the time, whether during an anniversary or when there is absolutely nothing special being celebrated.
Giving a gift with love speaks louder and clearer than many words. I’m not suggesting that a gift should replace communication. And neither should communication replace giving of gifts to your loved ones. But a gift given out with love will sooth the heart of your loved one to open up for communication.
Any time you go out looking for a gift for your spouse or a friend, you’ve got to look for a gift that represents your feelings to your loved one. Your gift doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. But you can get a gift that spells out your affection and one that draws the recipient’s emotions. In any case you’ve got to have in mind that you’re placing your value on the gift’s recipient and not on the gift.
A gift that is well thought and creatively personalized is likely to be more appreciated than a gift that is sought in a hurry or without much attention to the recipient. And when you give out a gift, don’t expect a return from the person you have honored. Otherwise you will not have given with a whole heart.

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