Wedding Make up Ideas and Things Not to Try on Your Face

Your wedding ought to be special and your looks impeccable. You don’t want to appear dull. On that day, people will shift all their attention to you. Both those who have been with you all the time and those who have not seen you for a while. Apart from a few who want to stare at your wedding dress and other collections, most of them will be interested in your face. Yes, the bride’s face is the center of attention in any wedding. That’s the day as a bride, you need to be careful how you get your make up done. These ideas will help you on how to go about choosing your facials.

Don’t try out new make ups

Beautiful women are always experimenting on the newest make ups in the market. And there is nothing wrong about it. But choosing make ups for your wedding day should be taken more seriously. You don’t want to feel sorry standing before your guests the whole day, wearing a make up that gives you a clumsy look. Wear a simple make up to give you a normal but a classic look.

Be careful choosing your beauty designer

Seek advice from your best maid or a friend you trust about the best beauty artists within your area or stick to the one you are used to. If you really want to have a new beauty designer apply your make ups, then you have to shop around in ample time. Consult widely and get acquainted with their expertise in good time and see the one you can settle for.

Get it right with concealers and foundations

To complement your color you need a shade of concealer that keeps your face radiant. Get a face powder that keeps your face tone perfect. As the wedding program goes on your face might get greasy, and you don’t your wedding pictures to appear shinny. Your bridesmaid ought to be vigilant, always on the look out to keep you advised on when to apply some powder to keep your face glowing. I’m sure you’ll like your wedding, won’t you?


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