Unique Wedding Invitation Ideas

A wedding is one of the most important and memorable occasions in someone’s life. Among the many preparations that you will undertake for this big day is the choice of a wedding invitation for family and friends to your wedding. A wedding invitation is basically a piece of card that informs the recipient of attendance. A wedding invitation reflects your style, mood and personality and its outlook will prompt your guests to attending the big day. This is an area that should therefore be highly regarded and planned for.

Ideas on wedding invitations range from simple to exquisite designs. Whichever you choose, it is important that the wedding invitation reflects the theme of your wedding in terms of color and style. This can be the style on your bridesmaid dresses or the venue of the wedding. Choosing a designer for your dresses as well as the wedding invitations will bring this out perfectly as he will be able to blend the shades for the same. Choose your best designer for this and you will surely not be disappointed.

What is the style of your wedding? If you are going for a formal wedding then the invitations will with no doubt bear the same formality. It can follow the etiquette rules of white or cream engraving with black text or any other formal design of your choice. Casual weddings will give you a variety of designs and styles for your wedding invitation. In this case you can choose color scheme that suits the venue of your wedding, for example, if having a beach wedding, you can emboss your wedding invitations with delicate shells. The color can also come in line with the season. However, chocolate color blends well with all seasons with colors such as shades of green and pink for spring. For a wedding in summer then a bolder version of spring colors such as darker pink will be perfect.

You can also choose to embellish your wedding invitations with unique flairs such as silk flowers, ribbon, glitter, artwork or charms among many others which will make your wedding invitation unique and appealing. Wedding invitation folds can be single fold, double fold or single card. The most widely used is the single fold where the card has a single fold at the left side with the engraving on the front and the inside left blank.

The most important part of the wedding invitation will be the message it conveys. Do not forget to include the names of the invited or recipients, the hosts’ names which in most cases are the bride’s parents, the names of the bride and the groom, venue of wedding and reception as well as the date. The RSVP details can also be included. Your wording should accord warmth to the people you have invited and make them feel special especially having in mind that the wedding invitation prompts the recipient to bring along a gift during the wedding. Design your wedding invitations in a style that will prompt your prospective guests to attend your big day.

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