Top Wedding Guest’s Etiquettes

It’s a honor and privilege to receive a friend’s or a loved one’s wedding invitation. And many people are eager to be honored with a wedding invitation, at least once in a lifetime. But it is one thing to be an invited guest at a wedding and a different thing on how to carry yourself when attending the wedding ceremony. The following tips are some of the most important things you should observe as you plan to attend your buddy’s wedding.

Don’t extend your invitation to a third party.

The bride and the bridegroom have chosen to invite you and not your friend or your relative. This is not the occasion to carry an extra person, regardless of why you feel they should also have been included on the guests list. Most weddings work with strict budgets, especially on the guests the couple should expect to host. Do the bride and the groom a favor by attending alone if your invitation card only bears your name.

Plan to attend early.

The bride and the groom expect their guests to keep time. The best way to show your host that you respect their invitation is to keep time. You don’t want the bride and the groom to imagine that you have little regard for their wedding by arriving late.

Dress for the occasion without trying to steal the show

You definitely want to look your best as a guest on your friend or a loved one’s wedding day. But you need to be careful not to appear like you are competing for attention. Be careful, for example, not to appear on the wedding occasion dressed in white. Don’t try to compete to be captured by the photographer’s cameras, or to be all over during bridal photo sessions.

Buy a gift from the couple’s list of choice.

In most weddings the bride and the groom prepare a list of items they feel they would need to use, and make it known to the invited guests. It is important to pick items you wish to buy the couple as wedding gifts from that list instead of buying them your own choice, which they may not require. Better still you’ll be saving the newly wedded couple a lot of unnecessary stress if you bought and shipped the gift directly to their home instead of ferrying it to the ceremony. They need to avoid the bulk of gifts at the occasion and double transportation from the wedding venue back home.

Compose yourself.

The bride and the groom have invited you because they regard you. They wouldn’t want to see you as their guest looking uncomfortable. You may not like the wedding itinerary. You may prefer to hear a different background music or you may not even like the choice of the wedding DJ or the wedding band. Hold your horse. Don’t try to quarrel the wedding planners or the wedding caterers. If anything goes wrong, you may try to calmly and wisely whisper to the master of the ceremonies, but don’t insist on your preferences. You don’t want to appear like you are creating scenes.

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