Top Sneaky Signs He’s About to Propose

Have you been seeing this guy and you are not sure whether he is going to propose or not? While men are seen to behave differently and at times a little confusing when it comes to choosing a life partner, you can tell when your guy is just about to ask for your hand in marriage. Here are some sneaky hints that he is about to pop the big question and a ring on it.

1. You may have noticed that your guy wants to spend time with you more than with anybody else. He might even have changed his way of life and used the time he would hang out with his friends to take you out for dinner and picnics where you are just the two of you. That’s a sheer implication that he’s saying goodbye to single life and wants to spend the rest of his life with someone he loves.

2. If you find your guy asking questions about rings, for example the difference between pear-shaped and princess-cut rings, it is evident that he is conducting a research to be able to buy an engagement ring for you. Ideally men don’t know much about jewelry and it’s obvious that he would want to get you a ring that you’ll cherish.

3. Asking you to take him to meet your parents, you can be certain that the whole thing is not a joke. The guy is serious and wants to know your background as well as how your parents have brought you up so that he can get to know how he should treat you in the future.

4. He may lately have started saving money and paying more attention to his accounts. He definitely needs to be saving for the engagement ring as well as your wedding plans. He will start to spend less money and time out with his friends but find more time with you – an indication that he wants to settle down.

5. The realization that he wants to make lifetime commitments with you is that he will stop using the word ‘me’ and use ‘we’. That will be an indication that you have future plans together and that you are now part of him. For example he may be talking of future plans such as mentioning about the wedding, building a bigger house, saving money and having children.

6. He might show some signs of wanting you to move in with him right away. He would want to know you more, how you react to issues, your way of life and what you like. It is not strange that every man would want to get the whole preview of the woman she is going to spend the rest of his life.

7. You might have discovered that your favorite ring is missing. Your guy may have set you up so that he may get to know your ring size. He might also grab it from you intentionally as you hang around – an indication that you are the right girl for him.

8. He may start acting weird because of stress and pressure of the decision that will change the rest of his life. Proposal is not an easy thing and you would come to know of it when you note that he tries to compose himself when he is around you. If you realize he is not acting cool, he is probably rehearsing for the big day.

9. You may get worried that he has been away over the weekend so suddenly even without informing you. And the most surprising thing is that he is neither with his friends or family. He will be probably off to meet your parents to let them know of his intentions to propose to you and to ask permission to marry you in the old-fashioned way.

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