Top Ideas on Happy and Intimate Relationships

Finding a life partner is one of the most exciting things in life. Then follows the joyful moment to walk with him or her down the aisle as wedding bells ring with love and affection filling the air. But keeping the relationship intimate and glowing with romance, has sacrifices to make and price to pay. The following tips are some of the best ways to help overcome the challenges of relationships and rekindle the couple’s intimacy.

Let your partner know that you care.

Until your life partner knows how much you care, he or she lives a half-hearted life, likely gloomed in dissatisfaction. You don’t have to do heaps of costly things to assure him or her how much you care. You only need to be innovative, even if it means arranging with a courier to deliver a bunch of roses to her when you are away, or remembering to include his favorite ice cream during rush hour shopping.

Remember to say thank you.

It sounds simple but you’ll be surprised how bonding it turns out to be for your partner to know that you appreciate. Show appreciation even in what you think ought to be their responsibility anyway.

Just say sorry when you offend him or her.

Sorry sounds like it should be a language for kids, though they also hate to own it. But it’s a magic word that unlocks the flow of intimacy in couples and easily builds the basis for mutual understanding. When you say sorry, you don’t need to accompany it with a defense. Statements like,”I’m sorry if I wronged you”, means you are not yet aware that you did anything wrong, and that annoys them most.

Listen when your partner is talking.

You may not like all they have to say. Or it may not be as important, at least according to you. But the fact that your partner has to say it means it is worthy your attention. Let your partner count on you to share their joy as well as their disappointments. Most ladies complain that men don’t listen, or that they hide their faces behind newspapers or shift concentration to TV. It helps to look at your partner in the eye during conversation, nodding, smiling and occasionally contributing to the topic to promote sharing.

Share peculiar jokes.

Joke around with your spouse. Share those peculiar and private jokes. Laugh together making fun of things only known to both of you and leave the others at the common shores as you dive into the depths of private and intimate sharing. A perfect way to keep the coals of love glowing even in public.

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