Things women want and wish men could learn

Women are strategically smart, and they know it. But most men think ladies are weak and easily manned, a mistake that has caused the end of numerous dates, broken relationships and many unfulfilled marriages. Although women’s behaviors in different cultures vary, it is not completely difficult to know what she really wants. Here are quick tips to help profound the riddle of things women want and wish men could learn to do them.

Women want to be assured of financial security but hate men who forsake them to pursue riches. You may struggle with two or three jobs to fatten the wallet only to lose her to unemployed neighbor – a guy with less money but more available.

She wants to have emotional security. Giving her compliments and telling her that you love her, especially in public – not just in bed, is a an assurance that she has someone to count on.

She doesn’t want to be asked for sex. She wants to be prepared for it. And men who begin to prepare for it in good time just go for it and have it in plenty.

She doesn’t give credit to a man for doing his duty. Paying bills and upkeep is a good thing but wont substitute the acts of etiquette and tenderness.

She wants to be surprised to a day out or a night out, but she doesn’t want that to disorganize her programs. She wants a hinted surprise – not an ambush.

When she doesn’t want to talk she keeps quiet and when asked, “what’s wrong?”, she says, “NOTHING”, meaning EVERYTHING is wrong. Just understand.

When she sighs as you talk, she wants you to know that she doesn’t like it and
perhaps she’s tired of what you are talking about.

She wants to respect him and not to fear him. Women don’t like men who can’t play around with them. She wants a lap to sit on and a chest to rest her head on.

If she wants a few minutes to go shopping, she doesn’t want you to take it literally – she wants a few hours. If you are waiting for her in the car, buy a daily paper and if it takes longer, look for a coffee shop.

She likes to be picked, but you keep her there waiting at your own risk.

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7 Thoughts to “Things women want and wish men could learn

  1. Dorc

    I think you were spot on. This is information that should be printed in the newspapers for all to read and understand. There should be a simpler version for school curriculums too. These are my exact sentiments. I feel as if you have read my mind.

    1. Dorc, I know what you have liked. You seem to be a very good advocate for women – which is good and I bet given a chance you can ask them to make me the king, so that I post more towards this direction.

      1. Dorc

        Haha. Why do you want to be the king? From the movies I have watched, they do not really have a say. They just rubber stamp what others have told them to do.

        1. Dorc, Women are powerful people in the society. You win their favor and reign like a real king, not the paper king. But even if I don’t become one I’m determined to give a very sincere opinion about what they want.

          1. Dorc

            Keep writing about what women want and I can keep forwarding them to the men in my life, ie. husband, cousins, father etc. Hey, our church is very young. like 1 year now. Maybe we can organize a talk where you can give us the two sides of the coin and then afterwards have a brainstorming kind of a session where people can ask questions and just have a good time. I realised that not everyone went through pre-marital counselling and even though, you can never have enough of post marital counselling. right? Could be this or next year. I will voice this and see.

          2. Much obliged, Dorc, learning has no end and a refreshed mind is as efficient as a serviced machinery. Whether this year or next year let me have invitation details in good time, then we will see how it turns out to be.

  2. Those in the movies are not real. They’re paid to entertain. Again they are not made kings for writing choice articles about what women want, like this one. If women appoint you king for highlighting their plights, and stand on your side you become a powerful King, but all the same I’m elated you like the post and I know many others do.

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