The Most Preferred Colors for October Weddings

Autumn season is popular for wedding planning. During this season it is quite easy to come up with really bold and vivid colors for your wedding theme and décor than any other. Mother nature is so rich with colors chosen for wedding thus giving you a wide range of choice a fact that will make you appreciate the natural glamour. This season is also characterized with a number of holidays such as the Columbus day from which you can use as a source of your colors if you prefer a traditional a wedding. Such traditional colors appear in shades of blue, white, brown and red. You can choose to combine your favorite traditional colors with the elegant and obvious October colors such as Rusty orange, gold, chocolate brown, plum and red to make them more brilliant.

October wedding colors are rich, beautiful and gorgeous hence you should be keen when combining them to achieve the dream wedding you wish to have. To build a romantic atmosphere to your October wedding, you can go classic by choosing colors such as burnt orange or yellow and brown where you can flourish the look with dashes of red. Plum color for your October wedding is a good choice too since it’s charming and can magnificently be infused with bright yellow or white to add light to the dull colors. You can also add shades of red to soften the bright colors. You can for instance use these colors to wrap your wedding favors. Your guests will definitely appreciate. Such colors will greatly complement the color scheme of your October wedding making it even spectacular. Such October wedding colors can also inspire your table centerpieces choice for your reception where you can choose to use orange or red flowers with gold accents and hunter green ribbons.

Halloween is also considered one of the best October wedding colors since it perfectly matches an October wedding theme. Halloween goes well with orange and black though it is considered a weird color combination. Instead, you can choose to combine with brilliant white and a phosphorescent green, which is by far stunning. You have to be very attentive when choosing your October wedding colors to avoid clashing the colors which may lead to destroying your wedding mood. Flowers are major decoration components that liven up your wedding so you should be careful so as to set the intended atmosphere in your wedding. You can seek advice from a florist if you are not sure on the right blooms to choose in your October wedding.

For your October wedding colors, it is advisable to use fabrics that are sheer, preferably silk, so as to make your wedding sparkle yet sumptuous. Gold color for your October wedding is great too where it works with ivory being considered warm colors. Having set to wed in October, your wedding celebration should go with happiness by playing around with your favorite October wedding colors even mixing and matching perfectly. On the other hand, you can select some summer colors to complement your color scheme which is also acceptable as a way of livening up your wedding


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