Skilled Wedding Planners and Vendors you Need to Consider

It’s the desire of every bride, and a number of grooms too, to have a dreamy and exceptional wedding – and many like it when it leaves a trail of good feelings with their guests. While there are many things you can do to arrange an awe-inspiring wedding, one element is of great importance and as a bride or a groom that cares to have his bride-to-be enjoy her wedding day you ought to consider. You’ve got to think of a super wedding planning. And I’m not talking of an ordinary wedding planning, unless of course you contented with ordinary results. I’m talking of world-famous, professional wedding planning – and that has to involve professional wedding planners and vendors. 

If you are planning to walk down the aisle soon, whether in this season of the year or a moment you and the groom are yet to decide, there are a number of renowned wedding planners whose expertise has been esteemed the world over. And you can be sure that your occasion will stand out from the ordinary lot. You may want to go for world-standards planners such as Preston Bailey – an award-winning and famed wedding planner with a hand of magic when it comes to wedding planning. Bailey’s expertise of close to 30 years will add a class to your occasion. His rare talent and proficiency has been sought by royal families and some of the world’s most respected celebrities.

The New York based author of Preston Bailey celebrations and Inspirations has hosted many weddings, the most memorable being that of Donald Trump as well as that of his daughter, Ivanka Trump. As Ivanka walked down the aisle adorned in a breathtaking Vera Wang dress, you could see the contentment in her body language, all anchored in the confidence of an able planner handling her nuptials. On the other hand the groom Jared Krushner waited confidently, having opted for a black tux by Brioni. The girls completed the array in Carolina Herrera’s striking designs.


You may also want a competent vendor to handle your wedding, especially when it comes to wedding invitations. Whatever kind of invitation you want, you may want to try the award-winning services of renowned vendor such as Lehr & Black. The partnership of Ellen Black and her brother Sol Lehr brings on board over 25 years of high quality and skills of wedding invitations and exquisite custom decor. The duo has created a synergy that has been appreciated by some of the world’s renowned personalities such as Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson.


For those who would want to choose carefully when it comes to the flowers, then you’ve got to think of the class of Kevin Lee of LA Premier. Lee’s florist services have been appreciated across America and Europe, where he has been seen to bring out the finest details of floral themes that both young in mind and heart want to see on their weddings. He can do it again on your wedding like he did when he provided for the wedding of Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman or better still like the wedding of Brad Pit and Jennifer Aniston.


And if you are keen on having in place the high and quality standards of wedding photography, then you’ve got to consider the great services offered by wedding experts such as Jarrad Lister. The South Carolina based photographer has provided photography services to some of the most memorable weddings, including that of the survivor contestants – Jaime Dugan and Erik Huffman.

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  1. […] Wedding planning is getting better every day and you should be happy that you are getting married now and not tens of years back. You can imagine how your wedding would have been some 20 years from now, and the types of make up and styles available today that you would have missed. We all agree that it’s not our discretion, and no one can choose when to be born, but we are happy to live and witness more inspiring things than those who lived before us. So how do you think your wedding would have looked like some 20 years ago? A bit unexciting may be but of course the difference would be immense. It’s true you couldn’t have found anywhere near the kind of wedding makeup found in the bridal market today. photo credit […]

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