Signs Your Boyfriend Will Propose Soon

Have you been in this relationship with your boyfriend but you don’t have an idea when or whether he’s ever going to propose? Well, it’s common for girls to feel anxious about their relationships, especially when they can’t predict how long they’re going to wait for engagement. If you’ve been waiting for your man to pop the question, here are some of the most common signs your boyfriend will propose soon.

He’s lately been keen on your Routines

It may be a sign your boyfriend will propose soon if he’s lately started being keen on your daily routines. He might be planning to surprise you and he wants to be sure about your schedules. Apparently he wants to make sure that no unforeseen plans that might get in the way of a perfect opportunity to propose.

Boyfriend Will Propose if he’s Become more Organized

Has your boyfriend got more organized than any other time since you got to know him? You might have noticed that he has a particular closet disguised as “work” or “investment” files.

If you share email address you might notice that he has a new folder assigned for particular emails. That could be a lead that he’s hiding some of the conversations or inquiries about your engagement ring.

You can also tell whether your boyfriend will propose soon if he’s started being careful about conversations with some of his or your friends. He might be shopping for the engagement ring and discussing about it with friends and definitely wouldn’t want any of them to leak the news to you.

He’s so much into you and persists on sticking to the day’s program

It might be a telltale sign that your boyfriend will propose soon, perhaps on this day that he’s adamant about sticking to the day’s program even when there’s a good reason to call of some plans. He’s most possibly looking for the opportune moment to pull out the ring and go down on one knee and pop the question.

He’s Started Acting Indifferent  

It may be a sign that your boyfriend will propose soon if he has lately started playing a deadbeat. Contrary to the proactive guy you’ve all along known, he’s become so passive that he has not been suggesting any new date, outing for a coffee, walk in the park or even anything exceptional. This is possibly because he’s planning to pull a surprise engagement and he wouldn’t want to do anything that would give you a lead.

These are some of the signs that he might just be about to propose. But they are not in any way exclusive. There are many signs that might give you a lead that your boyfriend will propose soon. Be on the lookout and expectant for a surprise. Don’t be alarmed if he takes longer than your expectation. He might just be buying time for the most favorable time to do it in style.




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