Shy Guys Best tips on Dating Beautiful Women

Shyness is a common trait in human life, and it can be mind torturing to a guy who cant rise to find a date or one who keeps getting turned down by beautiful women for lack of confidence. It is also humiliating, especially when one feels timid to try something new lest he or she makes a mistake. Most shy people cannot contribute to discussions for fear that they might end up being ridiculed. Some of the traits a shy person is likely to portray may include being nervous in company of others, self-conscious, easily frightened and generally lacking confidence. The main attributes of shyness are genes, life experiences or different ways of life.

All shy guys know how to notice beautiful women. The struggle is on how to approach them. But there are girls who like shy guys because of being well organized – a natural way to conceal shyness. They’re also liked for talking sensibly, because they (if must) participate last in group discussions avoiding jumping into a topic before they get familiar with it. But there are a few things a shy guy can do to polish his confidence and come out of secret admiration.

A smiling face. There is no doubt that a smile can save your face. The best way to increase your confidence in front of a woman is to have a relaxed, joyful and a smiling face.

Body posture. Don’t disqualify yourself by the way you carry your posture. The way you move your hands or your legs can make her to judge whether you really know where you are going or whether you know what you want. Bulge your chest and look up.

Engage your thoughts. If you arrive earlier to the first date, make sure to engage yourself with a smart phone or a laptop as if you are booking in some business appointments. At least don’t stay idle. This will increase your confidence.

Eye Contact. There you are and here she comes. An opportunity to let her feel your presence should not be squandered. Greet her warmly and maintain a steady eye contact. Just don’t face down. The impression you make within the first few minutes of meeting your potential date may just determine the direction of your intended relationship.

Pick a conversation. You have exchanged pleasantries and she looks interested to know a couple of things about you. From general observation, pick a topic and try to develop from there. Remember not to waver in your confidence. Instead of thinking of a turn down think of a turn on. Know that even if you don’t impress her, you have at least made the most important strides. And you are on the way to a perfect date.

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  1. […] Many relationships crumble in their early stages if one of the lovers is not confident for he or she may not be decisive on what they want. Confidence is the inner beauty that makes a woman look beautiful even if she is not that pretty. On the side of men, you should always speak out clearly otherwise your new love may think that you lack confidence. Beautiful women don’t love shy guys. […]

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