Seven things men fear and wish women knew

Men and women are made differently. What a woman may find as justified when relating with a man may be offensive to him. The same applies to women. The following seven tips are some of the things men wish women knew that they don’t like.

  • Dictating upon him when to resolve a certain issue.

Many women make mistakes by forcing men to talk and when to talk. Men hate to be coerced on when to talk. The more you force him to “talk about it now”, the more he proves difficult and repulsive. Ask him calmly when he thinks you can talk about it. Otherwise “We need to talk now” won’t do.

  • Assigning tasks to him, especially multiple tasks.

Men can do one thing at a time perfectly. While women can easily manage several tasks at the same time, men are goal focused beings who like doing one thing first before they can switch to the next. If he is remaining indoors, he may be working on his assignment on his study desk and at least check on kids as they play. Assume that is less and commit him to also do some dishes, set the table for the expected guests before he has repainted the walls he missed the last weekend and you’ll be back to a rude shock.

  • Turning down his helping hand.

Men take pride in helping ladies. He wants to help you to operate your new gadget – a smart phone you acquired lately or something that he feels conversant but you don’t want. It makes him feel unwelcome. Even if you don’t think you need his help, let him have pride in giving a hand. It may lift his ego a bit.

  • Resolving issues in bedroom.

“We need to talk” thing must not be done in the bedroom. You don’t want your man to grow cold every time he thinks of the bedroom. Then resolve all the issues at other environments and reserve the bedroom for its purpose. At least that is why there is a bed and not a bench. Don’t you think so?

  • Traded sex.

Men hate to be compelled to say things, do things or promise something before they are allowed to enjoy sex. Whatever it is that is pressing you. It may appear justified to want things right first, but don’t force him to have things done your way before you can make love to him. Don’t tie sex to a favor.

  • Being shouted down.

Guys don’t always do or say all the things that ladies want to hear. But shouting him down is the last thing he expects from a lady. Be calm even when you disagree and he will be won faster than you can imagine.

  • Easily won ladies.

Show a dating guy that you are an ‘easy going’ girl and he drops you at the next junction. I mean the junction before the next date. Guys are created to seek intimacy and ladies to seek love. But to keep him eager and passionate depends on the lady’s wits to let him wait just a little longer. If she gives in too fast the guy’s passion dims and dies a natural death.




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