Why say I’m a Perfect girl yet he Wants to Breakup with Me?

It beats the logic how a guy would be showering praises on a girl, telling her how great she is and babying her with all manner of adulation, yet he goes on to dump her. Many women wouldn’t reflect how to make out of this and have for-ever-and-a-day sought answers to this question – “Why would he say I’m a perfect girl but still wants to breakup with me?”

Well, this is one of many things that bare the disparity that exists between a man and a woman, and why men won’t plainly tell women what they want. After listening to a number of women on their accounts of being dumped, we interviewed some honest men and they helped us to draw the following conclusions.

One of the reasons why a man would tell a girl she’s pretty and still goes ahead to breakup with her is that he wants to prepare her for ‘crash-landing’. If a guy knows that he’s no longer interested in you and he’s determined to stage a breakup, he thinks the best way to do it is by pampering you, and he expects that to create a comfy cushion when the reality of a breakup eventually dawns on you.

Some would want you to understand that they are taking their time before they can get committed to a serious relationship – another way of saying that he’s not ready for you. In this case, don’t try to explain that you are willing to wait until he completes his masters or until he succeeds in his mortgage plans. Instead of dwelling on the reasons why he’s not ready for a serious relationship at the moment, (because that will hurt you more) think about turning your disappointment into a dignified walk out and move on with life. He might come calling later – if he’d be lucky to still find you available.

A guy may also begin to admit that you are not compatible for a long term relationship, only that he’s willing to bear the blame. “You are not the problem, he might pose, “I’m the problem”. A soft way of telling you he no longer loves you, but he wants to go off in a huff without causing you pain.

Although not all men will behave the same when planning to break up from a relationship, a lot of them believe that quitting a relationship honorably is better than being irrational to a woman. However, there are those who go straight to the point and are little alarmed whether or not they’ll hurt you. And this may pretty much work for some women who are strong and they’d rather not be kept in the dark.

Whether he is the first type who wants to create a cushion for the shock of breaking up with you, or the type that bluntly drops the thunderbolt without the caution of the pain he’s likely to inflict on you, your magic word should yet remain – moving on. You can’t force a guy to stay with you when his love for you has stopped being blind, and if you insist, it will gravely hurt you.


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