Patricia Kluge Files for Bankruptcy – Why Love For Money Hurts

Patricia Kluge who was once in record as the richest divorcee in history has  filed for bankruptcy protection, citing debts rising between $10 million and $50 million. Patricia Kluge benefited from her past marriage with the late billionaire husband, Paul Kluge. Her star rose to dining and wining with the royals and celebrities. She lived in a 23,500 sq ft. mansion and owned a winery.

All this wealth seems to be fast flying away as it’s only a couple of months that the famous American billionaire, Donald Trump, bought most of Kluge’s winery and vineyard. Although William Moses, the lawyer for Kluge and her husband says the couple “is getting on with their lives, trying to discharge  their debts and  start over”, the writing is on the wall, that the days for glory and financial grace are long gone.

That’s why we should marry for love and not for money, achievements or particular physical charms. Their pomp shrinks. You don’t have to inherit a fortune to be happy in marriage, although there is nothing wrong if you are lucky to land on gold. But couples who enjoy their wealth in love and respect for each other have a history of once walking together in needy times.



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