Looking for a Marriage Counselor in San Diego

At one point in life, you feel you need to patch up things with your marriage partner, re-establish or improve your marriage life. San Diego is a popular city with very knowledgeable marriage therapists with enough experience in handling marriage matters. There are also several intellectual therapy and training centers to cater for your needs. Here are some of the most praised licensed marriage therapists found in San Diego that you can consult when you have marital problems.

Ron Edeal MFT is an authorized marriage expert with 27 years experience counseling couples, family and even individuals. Ron Edeal is in private practice at Relational Resources in collaboration with a team of master marriage therapists in Santa Cruz County.

Having studied psychology in Bethany University and being well versed about marriage, family and as a childhood counselor in Azusa Pacific University, Ron has familiarized a lot in the counseling field. He is one therapist who is well specialized in family issues, communication problems, and marital issues among many others.

Ron also works in association with small local groups as well as being known to teach in seminars together with his wife Kahleen. The couple has an insight of guiding troubled families as well as other distressed individuals.

Dr. Barbara Cunningham is also a marriage and family specialist from San Diego who is also an expert in couple and divorce therapy. Dr. Barbara helps couples to flourish and enjoy the bliss and not just to exist. Dr. Barbara has trained in Bowels family systems therapy where she has studied Bowen theory.

In addition, she also has teaching experience on marriage and family therapy. Barbara has a private practice in San Diego at the heart of Mission valley where she counsels individuals and couples at very friendly costs. Barbara is also in association with groups like the American association for marriage and California association of marriage and family therapists.

There are other marriage therapists you can consult in San Diego are such as Jennine, Barbi Pecenco Kolski, Jeff K Larsen, Kenneth Buhr and White Jeannine among other famous marriage therapists. San Diego is a rich popular city with several family and marriage counseling centers to keep your marriage going. San Diego psychology therapists have an international reputation for saving troubled marriages and have succeeded in transforming marital issues for the better.

One of those most praised centers is the Cognitive Therapy and Training Center that is a top resource for intellectual therapy counseling and training. This organization offers counseling to couples on various issues and also individuals on personal matters. It has succeeded in saving thousands of marriages and it also offers ACT of certification to qualified therapists in San Diego.

There is also the Sage Therapy Center in San Diego with highly trained therapists who are determined to mend broken relationships with an aim of discovering inner happiness. There are many other leading counseling centers owned by individuals for example a Center for Hope-Counseling Services and Center-Healing growth by Rutherford Walter.

With all these marriage counselors in San Diego, you can be sure that you will bring your marriage into a more secure place with less conflicts and putting to an end all marriage distresses.


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