Knowing how to choose a gift for the man or woman you love

Giving a gift to a loved one is one of the best ways to communicate your feelings to them. Whether it’s to a boyfriend, girlfriend or a spouse, the most important thing is the expression of love than the delivery of the gift. Many people like giving gifts during festivities or occasions like Christmas, Valentines, weddings, homecomings or special parties. But the most important thing is neither the occasion nor the substance of the gift but the recipient. Without the recipient, the gift has no value, regardless of its cost.

Before going out to look for a gift it’s important to have in mind the person you want to give the gift. Some gifts are well suited for men and others for women. It’s advisable to understand the likes and dislikes of your girlfriend, boyfriend or spouse before buying them any gifts. You don’t want to buy a gift and feel let down if the person you wanted to show love fails to appreciate.

Ladies best appreciate gifts of value. They want to feel that the gift was meant to communicate importance to them. The gifts ladies value most range from jewelry to classic sexy outfits or some fashionable pairs of shoes. An outer garment is more appreciated than an inner one because her friends and colleagues can see it and tell her how they admire her. This makes her to remember you every time her attire is praised. Don’t forget some chocolates, flowers, a card and a good scented perfume to cap the list with a romantic peak. Some women are very sensitive when it comes to brands. You may want to do some homework on the brands the lady you love fancies in. Some of the best places for ladies brands window shopping are stores like Patagonia, North Face, Roaman among many others.

On the other hand gents are a bit difficult to know what type of gifts they will appreciate. They don’t show outright excitement as ladies do. A guy was called live on radio to be informed of a good amount of money he had won in a lottery. His response was, “Ok”. The lady announcer on the other side appeared more excited than the winner of the prize, persistently asking him, “Oh my God, Are you not happy…”

Some of the best gifts to consider for a guy’s gift are a nice pair of jeans, a cap or a tie, depending on the way you know his dressing modes. Don’t try to introduce stuff you have never seen him wear or you may get disappointed. Most men value electronics. Think of a gadget you can afford and pull out one for him with love. It may be an ipod, a good mobile phone or a breath alcohol tester with key chain, a gadget that fits well as a car key holder as well as alcohol tester, mostly loved by men due to its effectiveness and size.

As you go out to look for a gift for your loved one remember it is not how much you spend but how much you want to communicate a gesture of love.

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