Is My Boyfriend Cheating on Me or Am I Being Oversensitive?

This is one question I get to hear all the time, “Is my boyfriend cheating on me or am I being oversensitive? Well, it’s all about trust that people stay together in relationships. But when that trust to one’s girlfriend is lost, may be because of broken principles or imminent infidelity it is common for a girlfriend to find herself in doubt and mostly asking, “is my boyfriend cheating on me?” To be able to know whether your guy is cheating on you or whether you are just being overly suspicious, you need to ask yourself these questions.

Does my boyfriend have time for me?

One way to know that a guy no longer feels me or that he might be seeing someone else is by the measure of time he is ready to sacrifice for me. If he is always giving excuses or keeps on putting off a weekend date, then I will be justified to suspect that he might be cheating on me.

Does my boyfriend always guard his cell phone or a laptop from me?

Yes, I’ll be suspicious that my boyfriend is cheating on me if he is always too careful with his cell phone or that it’s always on a top secret code that he wouldn’t reveal to me . I’ll have a lot of doubts if his laptop is always under a password that he wouldn’t let me know. I’d be too insensitive not to suspect that my guy is cheating on me if he can’t answer some specific calls in my presence, or that he has to make some calls in secret. I’d not be fooled that all is well with our relationship if he spends a reasonable time making calls in the car at the parking or in the garage.

Is his romance still there or am I just there to be seen?

If my boyfriend no longer shows romantic feelings towards me, that kisses and hugs are getting more and more irregular and  he has to keep on explaining why he no longer holds my hand in public or in the company of his friends, then I will be justified to suspect he could be cheating on me.

Have you been disappointed in a relationship? Have you encountered any or more of these issues and have had to debate within your mind, silently asking yourself, “Is my boyfriend cheating on me or am I being oversensitive?

Feel free to post your experience or comments here.

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