Is Man’s Sexual Love Structure Embedded in the Five Common Senses?

Unlike a woman whose response to lovemaking builds up in a slow mode, a man needs little efforts for his sexual urge to get to its peak. He glows up rapidly like fire on dry leaves and relatively goes off the same. Turning him on is as easy as the five common senses.

Intimacy and the sense of sight.

Most advertisers have known the secret vested in women’s beauty and that is why they use the prowess of attractive women to promote the sales of their products. Someone said that the most beautiful thing for a man is a woman. Naturally, women get choked with men’s nudity, while on the other hand a woman’s physic builds up a thoughtful structure in a man’s sexuality. Though it is enchanting for a woman to dress modestly, her modesty and decency to the husband are irrelevant as much as their bedroom language is concerned.

Love and the sense of touch

As an initiator, a man would want to go further and touch what he finds to be attractive. It is good for a woman to know that her man delights in fondling her and should therefore find time to attend to her charm. It is at this point that she must stop being inhibitive.

Love and the sense of smell

A pleasant smell turns a man on. It is important to be sensitive to the environment that would emit bad odors. There is a wide range of refreshing products locally available that can resourcefully keep a house fresh and turn on the ecstatic urge of a man when he comes home. Keep a sweet smell. Some good scented ladies’ perfumes can make a perfect spell do the magic.

Love and the sense of hearing.

It is possible to recognize the voice of a person you have heard talk for a long time. Sometimes even by the sound of the footsteps or door snaps, it is easy to discern the attitude of your spouse on a certain day. One may either shrink or get impassioned depending on what memories such sounds may have harbored.

A dog flees on hearing the voice of someone who mistreats it or wags its tail in appreciation, on hearing the voice of someone who treats it. So are the feelings of a man when he hears the voice of his life partner. If she is pleasant, his heart pounds with delight even as she talks from a distance. If she is fussy and nagging, his heart grows cold with vexation.

Love and the sense of taste.

It is good to be exclusively careful about cookeries. Most women are excellent when it comes to catering. There could be some reservations however, depending on diverse backgrounds, interest or exposure. A delicious taste has a place in man’s love structure. Some may not show it openly. But looking at the way they lick their lips signifies a quiet appreciation to the one who has diligently set up the good delicacy.

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