How to Touch and Hug Your New Girlfriend for the First Time

Physical contact is more expressive than many words. And people touch each other all the time. Sometimes absolute strangers aboard a train, bus or flight. Others may in the middle of a movie inside a theater open to each other, casually talk and pat each other to stress a point, and that is alright. But how do you begin to express an affectionate touch to your girlfriend for the first time?

You are definitely worried about her reaction, you don’t want to hurt her and you are not sure whether she is ready to be close to you leave alone being touched. It can be a tricky thing, especially on the first few dates. But these tips can help you to overcome the doubt and to know when and how to communicate by a touch on a woman you love.

Win her confidence. It doesn’t matter how much you love a woman. If she doesn’t trust you, she will always keep her distance. She needs to feel secure in your presence. Before you can even hold her hands, hug or give a casual touch you need to present yourself as someone she can trust and feel comfortable with.

Build relationship. By establishing a good relationship you’ll get to know your new girlfriend deeper. All women are not the same, depending on their culture, professions, exposure or generally the way they were trained from child-hood. Some would turn down your efforts to touch or hold hands especially in public. Others would have no problem.

Move gradually. Don’t be all over a woman with emotional touches too soon. Women are inclined to think that any man establishing a close contact is only interested in intimacy. You won’t go far if she prejudges you to only be interested in your own gratification. For instance begin by showing an act of etiquette. If you ride together in a car, try to be fast to open her door and give her your hand to help her alight. That’s almost hundred percent that your request will not be turned down. Or if you are alighting from a bus or a train, lead her way and help her to go down the door steps. You can be sure that your hand will not be strange to hers again. You can hold it time and again and you can now go on to experiment how far she is comfortable with your hands hugs or how much you can occasionally hold hands even in public.

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