How to tap the best in a relationship

The relationship shared between a husband and a wife is likened to the precious treasure inside a juicy nut. The tough shelled-coconut that must be carefully and skillfully opened to reach the rich content. The time and energy involved to crack open it depends on the skills used. One of the best ways to break open a coconut is to hit it severally with a hammer and a nail. It can be a daunting task especially if one doesn’t know the right tools to use and where to target. But the juicy content inside is more precious than the task involved. So it’s a worthy thing to do. For it yields pleasure and satisfaction to the one who is prepared to take the challenge. Most importantly opening it successfully without spilling the juice is an art.

What many people don’t know is that coconuts have the easy way to crack open. They have ‘friendly points’. Turning the nut carefully, you notice some spots (also known as coconut eyes) on its surface, usually about three of them. Those are its weakest points – the most friendly for the nail and the hammer. A couple of hits on these spots breaks the nut where one can tap the juice before splitting it. The young, green nuts have most of the juice.

If we identify the ‘friendly points’ in our spouses then we can save ourselves the unnecessary strain and enjoy the rich content intended for marriage. One has to be discreetly careful and patient. It’s a process. Any process requires patience. I know this is not popular with many of us, the microwave styled and the concord cultured being too impatient with durations. But no one would plant seeds and expect a bumper harvest the following morning. For there must be weeding, watering and gardening before any fruition is seen.


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2 Thoughts to “How to tap the best in a relationship

  1. Hello,
    Great article, I`ll find the soft side of my coconut hard shelled spouse at times. Here is some more resource that could help.
    Kim Justin

    1. Sure, you don’t want to miss the juice. Thanks Kim.

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