How to Save Your Marriage from Divorce

There are many new relationships being formed and many of them being dissolved every day. There’s no doubt that everyone desires to have a successful relationship. And nobody commits themselves to a long-term relationship without trust that things will work out well. But it has turned out to be like that besieged city where those who are outside eager to get in while who are inside are eager to get out. One thing that you’ll agree with me is that there can never be a successful marriage or a relationship without mutual give and take. Below are some of the principles shared with wisdom and experience about how you can save your marriage from divorce.

These principles are aimed at helping you bring back the flames that once glowed in your relationship.

Resolving to be Committed to each Other

Commitment is one word that should never escape your ‘love list of vocabularies if you have to save your marriage from divorce. Even if nothing else existed and you were always committed to each other you can be sure to cover huge grounds towards the saving your relationship.

It’s a fact that almost all relationships begin with passion, with the blind love taking the driver’s seat. The only problem with love is that it progressively develops sight. The more you get used to your partner the more the excitement falls and it’s only a matter of time. If you’re not careful, you may feel like you’re no longer attracted to that person you jealously guarded when you were first falling in love.

There is no relationship that can work without the couple resolving to be committed to each other. Irrespective of unenthusiastic feelings that may try to pull you in the opposite directions, you should always commit to your mate. Getting committed to each other may not be easy and most of all the mature couples I have had an opportunity to talk to admit to it. They talk about how they’ve had to go out of their ways to make their marriages work .

There are no magical words or doctor’s prescriptions on how you can save your marriage from divorce or relationship from breakup. You’ve got to make unrelenting efforts (commitment) to make your marriage or relationship work.

Resolving to work towards Finding a Solution Rather than Dissolution

Arguments do arise every time in all relationships. What matters most is the way you’ll handle such arguments when they occur. Do you for instance find it easier to unearth faults about your partner than finding solutions on where they’ve failed you? If you are always keeping records on your partner’s faults like you want to produce them as evidence before a court of law, you can be sure there won’t be any solutions in the offing.

If anything, you’d be more laying a foundation for dissolution for your relationship than you are concerned for solutions concerning your arguments. Even the holy book says that love keeps no records of wrongs – 1Corinthians 13:5. To save your marriage from divorce, you’ve got to aim at solutions rather than finding faults.

Happy couples seek things that keep them together than those that separate them. It’s impossible for people to live together without offending one another. But the best thing you can do towards having a successful relationship is by moving towards finding a solution than pointing on each other’s inconsistencies.

Reconnection involves mutual efforts and it’s unwise to always wait for the other person to be the first one to ask for forgiveness. Avoid being always passive when it comes to finding solutions for problems arising in your relationship.

Always Choose your words Carefully to Save your Marriage from Divorce

Words can build a relationship and at the same time they can destroy and have indeed destroyed many relationships. Thinking before you address your partner will help you use the right words towards your partner.

Avoid references such as ‘you never do this’ or ‘you always say this’. Such words make your partner to feel that you have already judged them and that you are not ready to give them any room for improvement. Avoid using bitter words, curse words or insults when referencing your spouse. Use a dignified language irrespective of the wrongs he or she may have committed against you. Two wrongs won’t make a right.


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