How to Reach Out For Ex-Boyfriend and Not Look Desperate

The desire to communicate with your ex-boyfriend after a break up is almost inevitable for most women. This could be with the aim of having him back or just maintaining close friendship. Whatever the reason, you do not want to look desperate and needy to your ex boyfriend. Remember that you should be very careful as making mistakes would push him away leaving you no chance for having him back.

Texting your ex-boyfriend is one of the ways you would consider to keep communication alive. However it has its shortcomings. Texting is fast and immediate though you cannot tell the moods of your ex as there is no physical or direct contact. Only text your ex boyfriend when you have something reasonable to tell him. Keep your texts short and sweet. Avoid frequently texting your ex or doing it with no particular reason.

Another mode of communication with your ex would have to be through email. This is especially effective as it allows your ex time to think of a proper response. The punch line is to keep your emails short and polite and do not overdo it. Calling your ex is the ultimate step in communicating with him. Keep calls to your ex-boyfriend brief and to the point. You can even consider going off the line when he still wants to talk. The target is to get your ex-boyfriend to miss you and he will look for a reason to talk to you again.

What do you talk about with your ex boyfriend? Some people miss out on this and end up talking about the wrong things. If you are students, you can talk about school, work if you’re both working or even talk about the good memories you have shared in the past. Avoid talking about the reasons for your break up as this may eventually lead to unnecessary argument. If you want your ex back don’t betray your feelings through your actions or words. This will make you look desperate.

After developing healthy communication with your ex, you will eventually have to meet him in person. Make this day special as if it was your first date. Dress up appealingly, be friendly and enjoy yourself. If you were intending to have him back, this will definitely work for you.

Have you ever been in a situation where after breaking up with your boyfriend or girlfriend you felt like you needed to try all you could to have them back. Did you do use any of the above dating tricks or how did you go about it. Please share with our readers by leaving a short comment below.

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