How to Make Your Ex Girlfriend Desire to Come Back

For various reasons, all relationships undergo tests and hard moments that in most cases lead to fights, brawls or even bitter break ups. If your relationship has reached here with your girlfriend eventually walking out on you, then here are some noble ideas to make her want to come back to you.

Come to terms with what led to the break up.

The best thing you can do to yourself is to figure out what has led to the break up. If you still love your ex girlfriend and you badly want her back, then you need to resolve or improve on what she has all through complained about you. You don’t go on trying to justify your inconsistency knowing that you want her back.

Take time to heal emotionally

One of the best things you can do to yourself is to take some good time to recover from the loss of your relationship. It doesn’t matter how heavy your heart feels. You need this healing. You can talk to close friends who knew how far you’d gone with your ex girlfriend. You may also opt to have a relationship coach or a professional counselor take you through this.

Take good care of yourself.

This is the time to attend to your looks. If you can, improve your wardrobe with designs you believe she will admire. Take care of your skin, Have your hair and beards cut or treated regularly. With a wide range of men’s romantic fragrances you have to smell your best. Choose your perfume with intense care. You don’t have to over do it though, but be your best. The worst thing you can do to yourself is to look needy and distressed in the eyes of your ex girlfriend.

Stop calling and messaging her.

Many guys make mistakes of bombarding their ex girlfriends with text messages, emails and late night phone calls. You’ll only make her to detest you more. Although you want to reconcile with her, she shouldn’t at one moment imagine that you are dying to have her back. Avoid acting desperate. Show her that you are calm and comfortable and you’ll be helping her to come to terms with what she’s missing, and slowly begin to desire to be back with you.

Be brief if you meet her again.

If either you or her eventually initiate a meeting, make sure you keep it brief. Steer clear from addressing anything about your relationship or how much you want her back. Treat her respectfully and accord her a high leveled etiquette but don’t introduce anything about your relationship yet. If the short meeting ends, may be because your next appointment is due or both of you have to break from lunch and resume to your offices, then you have the right foot ahead. She’ll know you are moving on with your life even without her. The next time she comes calling, you might have to slow down her desire to be back.

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