How to Look Attractive to your New Love

For you to look attractive in the eyes of your potential lover, you’ve got to first love yourself and accept who you are. It is normal for everyone to want to look good but you don’t have to get out of your way to achieve that appealing look. It’s been said that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder – a fact that you need to build on by applying a few make ups and styling your general appearance.

Confidence is very important when it comes to dealing with your new boyfriend or girlfriend. Both men and women love confident lovers. It’s therefore important to have an inbuilt self esteem. With confidence, you’ll have the guts to speak out your mind without having to fumble with in your new relationship.

Many relationships crumble in their early stages if one of the lovers is not confident for he or she may not be decisive on what they want. Confidence is the inner beauty that makes a woman look beautiful even if she is not that pretty. On the side of men, you should always speak out clearly otherwise your new love may think that you lack confidence. Beautiful women don’t love dating shy guys.

A smile means a lot to people in love. It’s said that a warm smile is contagious and it really is since your love will definitely smile back. Both men and women love to be with a happy partner. A guy who is humorous will always make his girlfriend happy and that is the kind of man every girl would want to fall for.

A Guy would love a woman who responds to his jokes. It is also good to maintain eye contact when conversing with your lover. This shows that you are free with each other and both your presence makes you feel comfortable. Happiness will build your relationship and both of you will find each other attractive and fun to be with.

Dressing comfortably and smartly makes one look attractive and this will definitely make your new love to grow interest in you. For guys, you don’t have to break the bank to get the latest clad. Be simple in your dress code since most women love simple men and not those trying to show their ego. Women are known to be sensitive when it comes to dressing.

A lady should always look her best by wearing fitting and decent clothes like pretty dresses as men always love decent women who look presentable to both family and friends. As a lady, you don’t have to expose yourself a lot to attract your new love as he may judge you wrongly or get the wrong impression of you.

Another way to attract your new love is by maintaining a good scent. Smelling good is very important thus it’s advisable to apply a light scent-trail cologne or a deodorant to avoid smelling sweat. While you smell good, you feel comfortable next to your new love and he or she also enjoys your presence. Take care not to overdo the perfume as it may be unattractive.



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