How to know if you are dating an abusive boyfriend

Love is so sweet and we all feel good when people tell us how much they love us. Even sweeter than honey when we get hooked up to someone who could turn out to be the dream guy or a super gal to crown the passion of our life. But who wants to be showered with love today and stares at death tomorrow or gets maimed for life, all in the name of love?

As Incidents of abusive relationships rampantly rise, it’s always wise to be wary and sensitive even to the slightest traits of abuse in your relationship. So how do you tell that you are dating a guy who’d one day disfigure your face and run for your safety before it happens? You should immediately end a date if your guy shows any or similar behaviors to these.

If he is questionably over-excited with meeting you and pushes you to settle down immediately.

If your boyfriend grows an unusual habit of wanting to control you, your thinking and decision making.

If you’ve got to plead with him to attend your colleague’s or friend’s party and he mostly turns such pleas down.

He reacts angrily if you arrive late even if it’s only for a few minutes and can’t take any of your explanations.

He always wants to blame you, making you to be on the wrong side and takes pleasure in your guilt.

When you go out together and he always picks quarrels with other people, strangers, supermarket attendants, at restaurants or in the bus sometimes leading to fights or brawls.

He keeps your cell phone busy with texts or calls in unnecessarily suspicious manner and stalks you with GPS in your car, your phone or gags your rooms with hidden devices.

He loses his cool and shouts at you or diverts his anger to objects, occasionally breaking utensils, banging the tables, snapping the doors, or dropping and damaging important gadgets. This may be a sign that when there will be nothing close for him to grab he might break your arm or smash your head. You don’t want to wait for that. Do you?

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