How to defeat Infidelity, as study blames it on genes

The news about Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s sex scandal represents a bitter reality that famous men can triumph over many things except 3G’s – Gold(money), Girls(women) and Glory(fame). The International Monetary Fund (IMF) boss suffered a humiliating arrest and a subsequent charge for sexually harassing a hotel waiter. He has not only lost a lucrative job but apparently, his dreams to succeed Nicholas Sarkozy as the next president may have been just that – dreams. And even before the dust has settled news just in indicate that the US justice department plans to prosecute former senator and presidential candidate, John Edwards, over alleged campaign violation in connection to an affair with his mistress, Rielle Hunter.

Some of the other famed men to have gone down the same root of infidelity include the now South African president, Jacob Zuma, who publicly admitted to having an affair with his friend’s daughter.

Then there was Bill Clinton’s saga with the White house official, Monica Lewinsky. Although president Clinton in his defense said that he didn’t have sexual relations with Miss Lewinsky, his personality and dignity were deeply wounded. He would not be what he is today had Hillary not soberly stood by her side.

Apart from the ruling men’s loose behavior, there has been serial affairs in the sporting arena, thanks to high earnings the boys are making. The Kenya’s iconic Olympic record holder Samuel Wanjiru‘s body still lies in the morgue awaiting court’s ruling on the saga surrounding his death. Sammy, as he was popularly known, fell from his house’s top floor and was declared dead on arrival to the hospital. He was trying to run after his enraged wife who upon finding him with another woman was on her way out to report the incident. Remember Wayne Rooney, the English soccer star’s affair with Jenny Thompson when his wife was pregnant, the golf long time number one sports man Tiger Woods, whose career is yet to come out of the woods.

A study carried out recently and reported in the Daily Nation links this kind of promiscuity to a DRD4, thrill seeking gene, also highly responsible for alcohol and gambling addiction.

All said, we all have obligations to prevent infidelity from wrecking marriages. Some of the best ways to put infidelity out of your marriage are:-

Setting tough principles. Men are not beasts as it has been claimed. There are many exemplary men who have faithfully stuck with their families and defended the sanctity of their relationships. This is possible by making tough moral principles and standing by them even when there are golden opportunities of getting promiscuous.

Promote openness with your spouse. Most cases of infidelity begin with lack of trust within relationships. Purpose to break the boundaries and destroy the secret zones in your life to promote closeness in your relationship.

Do not share your marital problems with everyone. It’s likely for a member of the opposite sex to empathize with your relationship problems. Constantly sharing out your partner’s inconsistency is one open way to start breeding an affair with a person who might assume that he or she can do things better than your spouse.

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