How to Choose the Right Shoes for your Wedding

Most people think that wedding shoes don’t count much but they virtually do complement one’s look as well as projecting the bride’s beauty from the inside. A picturesque wedding attire requires a perfectly matching pair of shoes to achieve the desired look. When it comes to choosing a perfect wedding shoe, there are many things that you will have to consider. And some of them are well covered in this guide.

First of all, you will have to consider the height of your groom since you wouldn’t want to appear taller than him. If you are a tall bride, then you will have to go for flat wedding sandals or low heels to achieve a shorter look. You will have to consider the style of your wedding gown keeping in mind that the shoes will be covered by the graceful wedding gown. In this case your wedding gown will have to be a floor length.

With a floor length wedding dress, you should not wear a peep toe type of wedding shoes. Avoid shoes that may have some jewels on them for they may clasp on the fabrics especially if the gown has laces. A peep toe shoe may end up destroying your wedding gown and it’s advisable to choose it as your wedding shoe only if you have a three quarter wedding dress. What really matters when choosing a perfect wedding shoe is your comfort on that big day. It is advisable to buy a simple shoe that matches your wedding dress as well as your wedding theme.

A heeled shoe with a strap at the ankle is pretty and also comfortable since it holds on your feet as it should, making you walk confidently down the aisle. For long gowns, you can pick the correct heel of your choice to avoid your wedding gown appearing too long in sandals.

It is advisable to try on your wedding shoes while you also fit your wedding gown to avoid the last minute rush. For you to come up with a picture-perfect wedding shoe, you have to consider the hem of your wedding dress and the type of fabric too. If you have a sparkly wedding gown, no doubt that you will have to go for a glistening shoe. A laced shoe works best with a lacy wedding gown.

You need to be keen when choosing wedding shoes and make sure the dress details match the embellishments. A sequined wedding dress works nicely with shoes decorated with crystals and a pearled wedding dress will go well with a beaded shoe. Select a pair of shoes that states your true personality and that helps you maintain a good posture throughout your big day, especially during the photo session.

You should not be swayed along by the beauty of gorgeous shoes on fashion and forget your comfort. You can have your wedding shoe dyed to match with the color of your wedding blooms but you have to do this in good time to ensure the shoes are dry before your wedding day.

You can also consider leather shoes for your wedding rather than the synthetic shoes. This is because leather shoes are always comfortable when compared to synthetic shoes. For a beach wedding, you may want to wear typical footwear where beads are most popular. Get the type of footwear that makes you stand out on you special day.



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