How to Best stop Infidelity from Destroying your Relationship

Infidelity is alarmingly one of the leading contributors to divorce cases, separations and break aways in many relationships around the world. The growing technology, emerging media platforms and the numerous social sites are attributed to fueling its escalation. But cheating does not only break the hearts of the affected partners, but also extends suffering to the innocent kids, where couples fail to reconcile.

It’s important to look for the best ways possible to reform any habits that may lead to any form of unfaithfulness. Being sensitive to each other’s needs and developing skills of growing together as team mates is a good way to promote intimacy and avert unfaithfulness. Many cases of irreversible infidelity begin with slight traits of disrespect.

The following tell tale signs are some of the top tips to help you discern whether your spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend is having an affair.

If he or she suddenly changes the dressing code and becomes overly sensitive with grooming, particularly with certain colognes, perfumes and make-ups.

If he or she is offended with you answering his or her cell phone or scrolling down the in box.

If he or she rejects some calls in your presence or seeks privacy to answer or make calls. You should be alarmed if your partner carries his or her phone to the bathroom and makes or answers calls in a low tone.

If he or she is over protective to his or her social sites and email passwords or uses a top secret security code for his cell phone.

If he or she suddenly begins to overuse his phone and wouldn’t want your name to be included on the phone bill because he or she fears you may have the right to monitor the bill.

If he or she develops unfamiliar habit of disappearing to unexplained or lame excused outings like working late, working away or increased assignments.

Don’t relent to confront your partner if you have any reasonable grounds that he or she may be cheating on you. You may involve a counselor if necessary or a friend of high regard to both of you.

If you still can’t track your partner and still suspect he or she is a cheater, you can hire an investigator so that you have enough facts to confront them.

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