How to Avoid Stress on Your Wedding Day

The date for your wedding has been fixed and you are doing the count down before ushering the big day. The excitement is quickly overshadowed by anxiety and stress that comes with preparations. While it’s inevitable to grow anxious as the wedding day draws near, it’s advisable to be composed to avoid stress around your wedding day. The following ideas can help the bride and the groom to avoid stress as the wedding day approaches.

Have friends you can trust

Not all friends can be trusted with helping you with your wedding preparations. Many may not even be happy with the guy or the girl you have chosen to marry. To stay away from stress you need able and sincere people around you. These are the buddies who should be willing to carry your responsibility and advise you on day to day fine details on the wedding preparation progress. All the same you need to keep in mind that it is your wedding and you should not relent to give them a clear picture in your mind concerning your wedding.

Itemize your objectives

Due to overwhelming responsibility around the wedding preparations, it is important to list down the things you plan to accomplish. You don’t want to be running up and down on the wedding eve. Many brides realize on the last minute that they need to check on the the wedding dress. With a proper record for wedding collections like the bride’s gown, evening party dress, shoes and flowers you have a perfect opportunity to follow up in time so that every thing is in place and that nothing is done impulsively.

Let go

Although you want your wedding to be perfectly prepared, you need to be true to yourself. There may be things that you eagerly wanted to be done on your wedding. Time is elapsing and all signs show that it may not be possible. Don’t overburden your heart with stress. Just let go and do what can be done. After all a wedding is just a day’s event. The most important thing is the life beyond that day – the marriage.

Keep fit

Go to the gym, exercise at home and do some evening jogging, not just because you plan to maintain a sexy shape but because you also want to look your best on your wedding. Relax and have regular facial and body massage.  Remember you are going to be the center of attention. All your guests are going to be staring at you. The groom wants to feel proud looking at your pageantry. And you shouldn’t disappoint.

Make sure you’re restful

It’s normal to feel inundated as the day draws near and activities increase. But you need good rest. Looking tired and sleepy is the last picture you want to have on your wedding day. You can make arrangements to take a leave from your duty a few weeks before the wedding date. If you are the type that must catch up with the evening’s favorite soap opera then you need to go on diet on some TV programs. Good sleep and body rest increases concentration, mental alertness and whole health.

Plan to enjoy your day.

All things are done and the day you have been waiting for has come. The wedding bells are ringing, with music playing in the background. You are ready to walk down the aisle and say “I do”. This day may not be repeated. Do all you can, to enjoy it to your maximum. Don’t let anything steal your elation. Accept your wedding as it is and have total fun.

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