How Long Should I Date My Boyfriend

You might be wondering whether to brace yourself for a short engagement or a long engagement. And may be you are always debating within your mind, “How long should I date my boyfriend”. Some people like short periods of engagements while others are comfortable dating for many years. But the fact that your best friend waited for seven years before she got married is not a good reason for you to push your boyfriend for a delayed engagement.

Factors that dictate on how long an engagement should last vary from one couple to another. Some people may agree to complete their studies first instead of getting married when they are still in college. Others may just be feeling that they are no yet ready to settle down in marriage. And there are those who even get married immediately, yes immediately, even without having to be in any engagement at all.

Whatever time your engagement is going to take, the most important thing is to judge whether you are really in love with your boyfriend. Love understands all things, does not seek it’s own gratification and is always long suffering, meaning that you’ll be in a position to agree on the best duration you need to be engaged before he eventually takes you down the aisle. So instead of always asking, “How long should I date my boyfriend?” You ought to be asking, “How much do I love my boyfriend?” Whether you spend seven years in engagement, seven months or barely a day, the bottom line is the measure of your love for your boyfriend.

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