Heidi and Freddie Bourne’s Wedding Dilemma: Mother In-law’s Venom

One of the chilliest things every bride wants to overcome is the ‘mother in-law control syndrome’. No married woman feels secure to have a mother in law who always complains about her. It’s true that mother to son relationships can be solid, but that doesn’t mean that men should become their mothers’ finger puppets.

It’s only last month that a British florist, Carolyn Bourne attacked her daughter in-law to be, Heidi Withers. Heidi had just returned from visiting the Bourne family when she was followed by a shocking mail. Bourne thought she had not behaved to her expectations and resolved to teach her a lesson by emailing to her inbox what she thought was unbecoming habits. As if that was not enough she went further to forward the same to some of her friends to underscore the indecorous behavior of her daughter in-law to be.

The email which was later sneaked to the public limelight bore on the subject field – “Your lack of manners.” Bourne went on to complain to her 29 year bride to be that her sense of humor sucks, she is a picky eater and that her step son, Freddie Bourne, is making a dreadful mistake to have her as a choice for a wife.

Now what started as a mother in-law’s self centered desire to teach her daughter in-law to be some decorum is turning out to be grievous viral attack. The venom of the irk she authored has equally hurt her, as Heidi’s father is reported to have called her, labeling her “Miss fancy pants” This is not a good sign of the future life in marriage for the two love birds, Freddie and Heidi. But it should serve as a lesson that every man ought to stand on his feet, defend and side with his wife even when his mother has legitimate concerns to raise. After all mothers in-laws already have enough problems to solve in their own marriages and should leave their sons alone to solve their own. Don’t you think so?

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  1. […] One of the things that most married women and those preparing for marriage dread to death is an intruding mother in-law. And most relationships have ended up in splits or divorce as the mother in law and the daughter in law stage a stand off. A good example is a recent case where a British florist, Carolyn Bourne, wrote an email to her prospectus daughter in-law with a subject “your lack of manners”. Her daughter in-law to be, Heidi Withers, had come to visit the family only to find a shocking mail on return to her home. In the email Carolyn accused the bride to be for being choosy and one who is not fit to be married to her step son, Freddie Bourne. […]

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