Going on Internet Diet can Heal Your Relationship

Every couple needs quality time to reconnect with each other and develop an intimate relationship. It’s unrealistic to expect happiness without investing any quality time in your partner. One of the top predators for couples’ quality time is online friendships. While there is nothing wrong to keep in touch with friends and to stay updated with the distant worlds, the overuse of it becomes addictive and can easily stray you from your life partner. We focus on some top tips to help you manage your online indulgence for the benefit of your relationship.

Consider a tough internet diet

I know you like keeping in touch with other online dudes, checking on who updated their status on facebook, who is following you on twitter, or regularly falling in love with your inbox – retrieving and replying to those special friends’ mails. But being always online affects your productivity as well as your marital relationship. In fact most online cheating develop from casual online messaging. One of the best ways to develop self discipline against online addiction is to have a principled routine. Have specific time during the day to check mails and to reply to important messages. Once you are through you need to sign out, instead of hanging on there to spy on who pops up on the chat window.

Review Your friends.

By looking through your friends address lists, whether on your cell phone, facebook, twitter or other social networks, you’ll realize that you have a lot of friends who are just a liability in your life. There are those who waste a big amount of your working hours or your family time with idle talk, or those who want to spend the whole day flirting with you. Now, if you have friends who can’t change your life positively, you are better off without them on your friends directories. Scroll down one after another, get to see which one of them is past their sale-date and send them to the trash container. Be selective on accepting new friendships. This way you’ll have saved your marriage, your working hours and you’ll be free any unnecessary distress.

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