First Date Dos and Don’ts to Save your Face for Good

Everyone looks forward to making a positive impression to his or her potential boyfriend or girlfriend. You may feel excited, anxious or suspicious of what your new date may turn out to be. The first date has a lot to determine whether you will proceed to a sensible relationship or not. That’s why you need to learn some first date etiquette, which will definitely propel you even to a greater second date.

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First of all, set a picture of the real you in your mind. Keep in mind that this is a God given chance to make things rights where you may have gone wrong. Therefore, you need to be at your best self and showcase that you have unparalleled character. This is not time to show off or to talk about your dirty past and all that bad stuff but it’s time for showcasing your outstanding personality. With that, you can be sure that all your efforts for change were not in vain.

When you start conversing with your date, you need to listen attentively to what they have to say and make eye contact as this would make him or her feel treasured. It also brings out your confidence. Getting all his or her points clear will make you realize what kind of a person he or she is. This may help to show if your new guy is genuine or the play-boy type.

Something else that you should observe is to be realistic. Don’t have too high hopes on your date as things may turn out the other way round, leading to disappointment. If you are realistic then a bad date wouldn’t be such a big deal to you and if it turns out well then that will definitely be a surprise to you. And of course you will have a reason to celebrate and lead an optimistic love life.

Most people don’t know what mobile phones can do on a first date. No matter how classy your phone is you need to set it to vibration mode, otherwise it might end up cause a lot of distraction and most likely spoil your date. You may wish to put it away since you don’t have to keep calling or messaging as that may show that you are less interested in your date, you are a snob or that you lack social respect. Use your phone only when your date is out of sight and put it away when he or she is back.

You should not judge your attitude towards your date at any cost as this may make them lose confidence in you. Instead, make compliment where you feel he or she deserves it and create a joyous mood for both of you. A sparkling smile says a lot about you and of course no one likes a boring girlfriend who does not react to jokes. It’s also good to show your sense of humor but don’t go too far as it may imply that you are a flirt.

It’s also good to ask questions but asking too personal questions isn’t advisable as you will learn more about your date with time. And he or she may not want to disclose everything to you as yet. Show your confidence all through and thank him or her for the quality time you shared. A confirmation call that he or she is alright after the date is also a great move to show that you can make a caring friend.


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