Benefits of Dating Your Friend

Dating Your Friend
Friends Dating

People hold different opinions as to whether it’s more favorable to date persons already known to them as opposed to strangers they just feel attracted to. Truth be told, happy relationships and healthy sexual lives can only be achieved by partners who have enjoy strong bonds. Studies have indeed shown that dating your friend comes with greater benefits than falling for someone you have chemistry for on the first sight.

In a study carried out at the University of Texas, Austin, published in the journal of Psychological Science, Lucy Hunt, Paul Eastwick and E.J. Finkel established that the longer the time you’ve known an individual the more your rating about him or her differs with those of other people.

While it’s not unusual to feel attracted and even start dating a a man or woman you haven’t met before, the difference is that your relationship is likely to remain stronger with a person you’ve known for a while. This is because dating your friend makes your attraction to him or her more about the inherent qualities that you’ve established over time than the superficial nice-looking appearance.

Well, there’s no doubt that attraction in dating or relationship is something that really matters. But the fact is that dating your friend, a girl or guy you’ve known and taken time to build trust in will likely lead to a stronger and long-lasting bond than it would happen with a nice-looking person you rarely know whether you have anything in common.

There are many more benefits of dating a familiar person than a stranger, irrespective of how attractive he or she looks.

You’ll have known some of the Members of his or her family

For the time you’ve known each other, it’s likely that you’ll have known some of their family members. Dating your friend means you’re likely to have evaluated how you get along with his or her family. They’ll probably have invited you to some of their family gathering and they keep on asking your friend about you. You will have known how much they appreciate you and whether you feel the same about them. There’s nothing as great as knowing that your guy or girl’s family appreciates you. Remember these are the people you’re likely to stay with if things get to materialize.

Dating Your Friend will have given you a chance to know their Preferences

As opposed to dating a stranger, dating your friend has the benefit of offering you the opportunity to know whether you share values. You’ll have weighed up whether you see things in the same lenses, in terms of important life goals such as career development, family, savings and investment and so on.

You’ll have established if there’s some chemistry in your companionship

Even before he makes any suggestive move, you’ll have noticed how close both of you can go and if there’s any chemistry between you. It won’t be difficult for him to let the cat out of the bag, nor will it be too puzzling for you to know whether he’s the guy you want for a long term relationship.


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