Common Dreams Keep relationships Better than Personality or Good Looks, Shows new study.

It is just coming to the world’s attention that Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 25 years relationship has reached between the rock and the hard place. The two have held different political views and supported different political parties. Whereas it appeared like they had agreed to disagree and liberally support their distinct informed choices, this is turning out to be confirmation of a recent study that political attitudes were among the strongest shared traits and even stronger than personality or good looks.

Although it may not be practical to expect your partner to always nod his or her head in agreement every time you suggest a new move, dreaming together and sharing in the power of those dreams creates a unity of purpose.

Couples who stand against each other’s ideals, and ridicules what he or she tries to initiate, will most likely have a strained relationship. It’s important for both dating partners and those already in marriage to be sensitive to being complements for each other’s dream than pulling in different directions.

These are some of the best things to do to avoid a possible relationship split.

Communicate your different opinion to your partner with love as you also allow him or her to support their different opinion. Don’t force things down their throat.

Avoid blames and usage of words like “You never understand, You are always wrong”. This only makes them more defensive.

Check the tone of your voice. You don’t need to be rowdy and boisterous to make a point. If you must comment on your boyfriend’s, girlfriend’s or spouse’s different stand, make sure you do it when both of you are sharing light moments. Make it appear as a joke. You might win him or her to your side or at least accommodate their diverse views.

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