Sneakiest Wedding Planning Ideas for Bride

Just like life in general isn’t supposed to be easy, so is planning a wedding. But that doesn’t prevent you from planning a wedding that you have always dreamed for. And neither should you sacrifice your leisure just because you are too busy with your wedding planning. Remember your fiancé, family and friends still want to have great moments with you – and you also have a life to live that your wedding plans shouldn’t stall. Here are some of the sneakiest wedding planning ideas that we think will help to enjoy every bit of life amidst the hassles of your wedding arrangements.

Wedding Planning Ideas
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Set Priorities in your Wedding Planning

We all agree that weddings are different and your vision is different than any other bride-to-be’s out there. But you have your dream and you know what you want to achieve in your wedding. However, you’ll have a better planning approach if you can begin by picking the most important items and let others can come on board as you move along.

There are those elements that are mandatory for instance, say your licensing officer and the wedding venue. Deal with all other things as they come and according to their priority and merit. With this approach you’ll ease your mind from the wholesome planning burden as not everything that you have envisioned in your whole celebration plan is going to be of absolute essence.

If your fiancé is not living abroad, have a wedding priority plans meeting and compare notes on the elements that you need to do first. If you have been lucky to find a fiancé abroad, you can have an online meeting, may be over Skype, Facebook or your most preferred media and get to set a list of the most important things. Don’t bring every detail on board to avoid being stressed out. There are some bridges in wedding planning that you’ve got to cross when you get to the river.

Set a Wedding Budget

Many brides make mistakes by going shopping even before they have known how much they need to spend on the wedding. There is no need of moving from one vendor to another, this wedding collection to the next without a clear mind on what you have, what you expect as contributions from your family and friends and how much voluntary service your professional friends will be willing to offer.

Accomplish one thing at a time.

As things get rolling and the wedding plans become more elaborate, it’s likely to get enticed to taking multiple duties, aiming to accomplish as many tasks as possible. While this may appear so hypothetically, it’s practically untenable. You’ll get busy and at the end of the day very tired with very little achievement. Delegate as much as possible and only take what you can handle within a given period.

Start a wedding blog for coordination

You’ll also realize that you need to have a lot of things done and you may not have all the time to do all you need, especially when some of the people you are coordinating are not working or residing within your area. You can therefore start a blog and dedicate it to your wedding planning. All those involved can log in and get updates or better still you can enable an email service to maintain a smooth communication with all those involved. Click here to get a free domain name for your blog


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