The Best of Marc Jacobs Designs in fall Fashion Show

There are numerous designs out there, and everyone has his or her preferences, but I have come to appreciate the stuns of Marc Jacobs designs. You cannot go wrong with any of his award-winning styles. And he demonstrates that he leads the market when it comes to fashions like he emphasized in the fall 2012 Fashion week.

Marc Jacobs Designs and Collections
Marc Jacobs Designs

Born in 1963, and rising to be a great fashion designer, Marc Jacobs became popular as the youngest designer to have won the CFDA award for new fashion talent. Since then Jacobs has persistently pulled surprises and he has maintained dazzling appearances in all the fashion shows.


What I have come to like most about Marc Jacobs designs is his consistency. For about 25 years since the debut of his fashion trade marks, Jacobs has conquered the market in providing idiosyncratic menswear, different ladies’ styles as well as their awe-inspiring accessories.

But it’s Jacobs’ high styles and unpredictable moves that keep everyone guessing what surprise of a multilayered or a grunge he is going to introduce in the next fashion show. And these must have been the surprises Jacobs had in mind when he talked to the New York Magazine recently.

Jacobs said that he likes the allusions to the past, ideally being inspired by what he saw being worn by the baby sitter, his art teacher or even what he wore during his amateurish fashion shows. The designer went on to say that it is such awkwardness that gives him comfort.

Marc Jacobs Designs in Fall Fashon Show
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During the fall 2012 fashion week, Marc Jacobs went ahead to show what he’s made of with his unparalleled collections. The unusually layered ensembles and a wide range of accessories kept everyone yearning for more and you can be sure the show was where everyone wanted to be.

The all-round Marc Jacobs designs including those awesome oversize hats that would remind you of the 70s collections, make everyone feel as if they were being born again, both those who are young by age and those who are young at heart. And Marc Jacobs designs have a way of stealing the show, especially when it comes to the designers choice of colors. You would have wanted to see the surprises of shoes that left everyone shouting, OMG!

Marc Jacobs designs bring out the worthiness in unique styles. Indeed you can’t go wrong with any of these designs and accessories. These are the clad you want to have either for a special day like when you are planning to take your new girlfriend out for the first date, or the day you want to stage a stylish proposal.

You cannot also miss to be remembered by that special person if you planned to surprise them with a gift selected from any of the items from Marc Jacobs designs and collection. Think of how the person you have loved would live to feel walking in that pilgrim shoe or that unmatched pimp hat. And there is everything at Marc Jacobs that you would want to announce your love, be it a gift for him or gifts for her, especially fit for an anniversary or any other special occasion.


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  1. Desus Fernanda Maite

    I cant agree more that Marc Jacobs designs are simply amazing, ranging from those collections of ladies’ and men’s wear to the fashionable accessories that everyone dreams of, me included. I like the unique ideas that he puts into designs making hearts feel young despite the age as well as make one walk in the modern style of life.Especially those oversize hats look more fantastic despite that they are from vintage designs. I like the choice of his colors that add more glamour to what is already glamorous…and I simply love and yearn for every item in this fashion house!

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