5 leads why good men behave badly at some age

Once the wedding bells stop and the bridal party is over, the newly joined couple turns a new chapter of reality. The process to execute the will of their mutual promise begins. As they get to deeply know each other, many women have wondered why at some age, men’s behaviors suddenly change. We look at some of the leads why this happens and how women can help their husbands during those stages of life they are said to behave ‘badly’.

1. Age of discoveries

From the age of 10 to 16 years, a young teenage boy is occupied with a lot of fantasies as to what life is all about. This is the time that very unusual changes begin to take place in his body. His voice changes and also experiences nocturnal emissions. These are some of the signs of masculinity that of course leave him with a lot of confusion. This is the age of discovery.

The young man wants to be understood and not judged. It’s the time to learn a couple of things with his peers and choose the type of friends he should hang around with. He wants to discover his sports, music, entertainment and leisure of choice. At this age the most fulfilling thing for him is to hear some praises and appreciation both from the parents and his friends.

2. The sexual peak age

At the age of 17 to late 30s, he mingles with one of the most enticing period in human sexuality – the sexual peak. The desire and efforts to look for a marriage partner falls under these brackets. The sex drive rules by all means and seeks to be gratified. This is the period of high expectations. A man in this age wants to count on a woman who rubs his ego and attends to his constant sexual urge. This is also his initiation period to full responsibility as the head of the house, always accompanied with traits of wanting to be in control

3. High speed age

It is a fact that life amid 30 to 40 is the most eventful period in any man’s life. He is like a rally driver racing at a high speed on the highway. He may want to disregard some speed bumps on the road, for he knows that the moment he loses his focus, his other life will lead to shambles. This is where a lot of heat between married couples is felt. The acceleration created by each one of them craving to get to his or her goals may lead to misunderstandings.

4.Evaluational age

Life around 40 is where the man pauses to make evaluation. This age opens a spur of reflections. Past mistakes either in a relationship, estate or any other achievements, are assessed around this age.

If a man stalled in his earlier life, he may show lots of dissatisfactions in his life around 40s. It’s important for the wife to understand the instincts of her husband. The best thing is to support him as he reflects on achievements in the wide spectrum of life. Unfortunately, most men who fail to achieve their goals in their younger ages tend to change their careers, jobs, estates, divorce or re-marry, depending on their evaluation. This is one of the reasons why most men divorce or separate in their 40s. It’s important for the wife to Stand with her man around this time and let him count on her for the welfare of their family.

5. Age of harvest

To a man, life around 50’s and over is usually that of contentment. He accepts things the way they are and lives on dividends of much labor and diligence invested in the earlier years.

Generally these are the stages that form the platform from which a man expresses himself.


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