150 Carat World’s First all Diamond Ring Worth the Fortune

If you thought you’d seen all innovations in the jewelry market, then you are in for a momentous delight as the world’s first all diamond ring is unveiled. The ring designed by a Swiss jeweler is entirely curved from diamond, unlike most diamond rings which are made of precious metal bands and ornamented with diamond centerpieces.

The 150 Carat Shawish Jewelry novelty takes the limelight from some of the most celebrated diamond competitors, such as Beyonce’s 18 Carat engagement ring made by Jay-Z and the distinguished 30 Carat that Richard Burton gave to the late Elizabeth Taylor.

The most fascinating thing to hear is that it took one full year for Shawish’s president and CEO, Mohamed Shawesh to carve the wondrous ring. It’s made using lasers together with traditional diamond cutting and refinement skills. The ring has already been copyrighted and is anticipated to sell for $70 million.

This indeed comes in as a new pace-setter and brings the ultimate significance to all that we have known about the 4 famous Cs of diamond – namely the carats, clarity, cut and color. Judging by the cost, the world’s first all diamond ring may not have been aimed at ordinary vending, but it will definitely create new enthusiasm and build fresh inspirations in the jewelry industry.


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