Wise Thoughts before Proposing to Your Girlfriend

There is no doubt that every man feels honored to find a woman to love. If you have already established a good relationship with your girlfriend, you must now be preparing for the day that you’ll pop the question to ask for her hand in marriage.

Don’t mind the butterflies associated with the nervous staging of a proposal. If she really loves you, she will definitely not turn down your proposal. But long before you even plan to ask her whether she’ll marry you there are a number of things you should by now have right.

Why do you want to marry her?

People have different reasons why they choose particular women for marriage. For whatever reason you want to marry your girlfriend, you must be honest with yourself. Let your choice be informed not just by her current status or the superficial pomp that are subject to change with age, or location but by the special values and ability to fit within your goals. If you can’t dream together now, you are unlikely to focus together in the future.

Is she a high or a low maintenance type?

You must have classified your girlfriend in terms of her way of life. Take for instance these two types of cars, a high maintenance 3000cc Mercedes Benz and a low maintenance 1000cc Toyota Vitz. None of these two cars is bad. You only choose the one you can manage within your means. You don’t buy a high consumer hoping to change the gas jets later. It just wont perform. Likewise make sure your woman of choice falls within the range your means.

Be financially independent.

Money answers all things. You don’t have to own a bank to get married. But you need to have an independent and a stable source of income. Your girlfriend will respect you now and live to honor you in marriage for your financial ability to support your family.

Does she allow you to lead.

Although both the man and the woman are equal partners in marriage, men are expected to lead the way. To be the head of the family doesn’t have to mean being ahead of her. But she must be a woman who is ready to allow you to make mistakes and correct them without desiring to assume the driver’s seat.

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