Why Roy Williams’ Proposal to Brooke Daniels Was Doomed to Fail

When it comes to making a marriage proposal, every man wants to be as creative as possible, to make the woman not just want to say “I do” but also feel adored. But Roy Williams, the Dallas Cowboys receiver seemed to ignore the obvious, choosing to swim his proposal against the odd tides. He recorded his marriage proposal message, then sent the ring by mail.  His girlfriend, Brooke Daniels, subsequently rejected it, though she thought it was wise to keep the ring.

Roy would hear none of it, and no sober minded man would sanction this. That a woman turns down your proposal and still wants to retain your ring. For what purpose? I know this is the question that has been boiling Roy Williams’ brain since the rejected proposal early this year. His efforts to have his ring back hit a snag as Brooke claimed that she’d lost it, until the insurance investigations revealed that the ring was held by her dad.

Michael Daniels, Brooke’s dad,  had to wait until Roy began a legal proceeding to have his ring back. He said his daughter will return the ring to avoid the law suit. He however claims that he has a written proof showing that Williams had told him to keep it.

All said, the way Williams presented his proposal to Brooke lacks creativity. First, a sneak preview on his sworn affidavit reveals that he sent $5,000 being payment for school and dental bills, a baseball for her brother, then he iced the cake with a recorded proposal and the ring by mail. Does it mean that just because your girlfriend accepted your gifts she must automatically honor your marriage proposal?

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