Why men don’t listen yet they want to offer solutions.

1. He focuses on the end results

Most men, unlike women are not famous for many words. Instead their grand focus is on accomplishing goals, achieving tasks and conquering. They spot a goal from a distance and concentrate until they attain the results. One of the reasons why women accuse them for not listening is that they have to shuttle their thoughts towards the end. By the time a long story is coming to an end, they are talking of how to fix it. Interestingly women don’t like those mechanical fixes. They like the best of attention in a discussion as that sooths the emotions more than the military-styled solutions.

A car has two headlights – the full light and dim light, which are both very essential. They have different functions yet they are housed in the same lamp (in some cars) and work together. The full light, which I compare with men, focuses far and wide, but the dim light, which I compare with women, focuses below and around.

When I drive at night on the highways, I prefer using full lights for they enable me to drive more expeditiously and achieve my goal – getting to my destination in time. But when I approach other road users or get to some unevenness on the road I have no choice but to slow and use dim light, which helps to illumine around the immediate ground, so that I avoid the potholes.

Drivers who ignore such approaches are like wives who always hold their husbands aback even when there is a highway of an opportunity to achieve the family dream. Likewise, they are like husbands who fail to slow down to illumine and address the instant issues. Such may easily wreck their ‘vehicles’ of relationship on the bumps of differences.

2. Men like women who have confidence in them

One thing that every wife should know about her husband is that he requires a lot of co-operation for he is destined to achieving goals and conquering things in life. She may not see things like he sees them, and may not choose the same priorities as him. However, having confidence in him will allow an easy way of realizing many family goals set in focus. His high esteem prods whenever he can count on a woman who confides in him. This is a sure way for a wife to get along with her hubby.

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