5 Reasons Men Don’t call Women Back After the First Date

Have you been to a promising date with a guy, where you thought your dreams were coming true only to feel disappointed that he wouldn’t after all keep the promise or even make efforts of calling you back? You are definitely not alone. And you don’t even have to feel sorry about yourself. You may not even be the problem why he didn’t call you back after that memorable first date.

Many dating women wonder why men promise to call back, knowing too well that they won’t do it. While there may be 101 reasons why men don’t keep promises after the first date, here are some of the most common reasons why your expectations may have been clogged up midstream.

You Looked too Desperate for Love on your First Date

As far as the language of love is concerned, women are made to be responders and not initiators. However, there may be some exceptions that could work perfectly well. But generally men seem to get more comfortable with women who know how to look composed as opposed to those who look overly desperate to secure a second date.

You seemed not to be Available

Just like women, men like to feel appreciated too. If he kept on trying to force himself into your program and you all through seemed like you wouldn’t be available for the next couple of months or so, he might have thought that you were not available or that you were not interested in him.

You Presented Yourself as a well-to-do Woman but you Wouldn’t even Offer to pay for Coffee.

The last thing you want is to have your new boyfriend think that you are mean. Of course you expect him to settle the bill, don’t you? But you don’t have to betray your feelings, especially when you have already presented yourself as one of those few women who were born with silver spoons in their mouths.

He didn’t like what you said on the First Date

You may not have insulted his mother or ridiculed one of his exes, but you may have said something that tore apart his ego. Men have very fragile egos that always need to be handled with care and to some extent ‘this side up’. He may have sat there as you talked, even nodding in agreement of what you had to say, but if you were always trying to suppress his ego, then you don’t have to be surprised that he didn’t keep his promise to call you back.

He didn’t like You

Though he didn’t show it during your first date, he may not have liked you at all. That however doesn’t mean that you are not likeable. It only means that he’s not your perfect match. And that’s why you shouldn’t feel bothered that he hasn’t kept his promise to seeing you again.

Lastly, you may not have done anything wrong at all. He may just be one of those lazy guys who take time before they can commit themselves to anything. A sly follow up may just work the magic for you. But make sure to keep it witty.



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