Why Facebook is not Good for Online Love

Online dating has in the recent times turned out to be one of the most exciting mediums to find love. And online dating sites are equally on the increase as the demand surges. But many people don’t distinguish between sites that ought to just be used for social purposes and those to be set aside for real love. Many date seekers have used sites like Facebook or Twitter to pursue love and have made irreversible errors.

Such mistakes made caused shame and tears to the immediate former congressman Anthony Weiner. He sooner than later regretted his trend of adopting social sites for love. He chose to pursue women he had never met, sending them love messages and not so decent pictures. One lady involved in Rep. Weiner’s funny love affair had only liked one of the speeches the congressman had posted on YouTube. The duo got excited and assumed they were in the land of their own, only to realize they were wrong. Facebook and other social media ought to be separated from the other online dating sites and only be reserved for mature relationships.

If you really want to go the online way to look for love, there are great dating sites where you can get the date of your life. Love is born in secret and is only introduced to public in its mature stages. Facebook and its walls are public places. Sometimes you find posts on your wall that you didn’t sanction or expect. Others are never kind to readers who value being decent. You don’t want your new girlfriend to misjudge your character by those funny wall posts and photo tags that occasionally find route to your public space.

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